Circular Economy Fellowship

Ontario (and Canada) can become a leader in the circular economy but we have to act now.

Succeeding in the circular economy requires a shift in how businesses and governments design, manufacture and use products, infrastructure and services. Strategic, systemic changes are needed, and that requires new forms of collaborative planning and action. No one organization – whether public or private – can deliver this change on their own.

CEIL’s Circular Economy Fellowship is designed to fill this gap by answering a powerful question: How can public and private sector leaders work together to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy in Ontario?

Join Us!

“CEIL’s work to facilitate a collaborative and cooperative forum for dialogue across the entire supply chain is a key feature of Canada’s journey towards a circular economy.”
– John Coyne, VP Legal and External Affairs, Unilever Canada

We are seeking public and private sector influencers and innovators to help us shape the future of Ontario’s economy.

In the interim, contact us for more information or sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date and be notified when registration opens. You can also become a CEIL Partner or Sponsor, check out the work of our Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab and learn about the Fellows in our sister program, the Energy Futures Lab.

The Fellowship Process

“The process that you put us through is an excellent format for problem-solving and bringing divergent thoughts and perspectives closer…It was great to bring together decision makers who affect and are affected by a circular economy and allow these people to collaborate directly with each other.”
– CEIL Participant

The CEIL Fellowship will bring together 35-40 motivated, knowledgeable and influential leaders and innovators from different sectors, value-chains and regions of Ontario’s economy. Each Fellow will commit to participating in 12-15 days of workshops and associated activities over a 12-month period.

During this time they will:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of the circular economy and the opportunities and challenges it presents for their organizations, their value chains and the province as a whole.
  2. Co-develop a vision for the future of Ontario’s economy and identify the broad innovation strategies needed to shift towards circularity.
  3. Form collaborative project teams to further develop, test and prototype the most promising initiatives for different sectors and themes (e.g. manufacturing, hi-tech, plastics, packaging). These could include:
    • Strategic, collaborative initiatives to address systemic barriers that individual organizations can’t tackle alone
    • “Innovation moonshots” with the potential to transform the economy,
    • New or improved circular products, services, policies, business models and strategies.
  4. Advocate collectively and individually for the circular economy within their respective organizations and networks. CEIL will work with the Fellows to produce articles, guidance documents, reports and other materials to promote their vision, innovation strategies and collaborative projects to a broader audience.