Webinars and Events

Our webinars and events focus on circular economy issues, practices and opportunities. These engaging presentations will feature both local and international examples and speakers to get Ontario businesses thinking more deeply about the benefits if the circular economy.

Past Webinars

New: Building the circular economy for printed paper and packaging

A webinar on the future of printed paper and packaging in a circular economy. Learn about the Rapid Lab’s new vision and innovation pathways and the opportunities for Ontario. Presenters and panelists include:

  • John Coyne, Vice President Legal and External Affairs, Unilever Canada
  • Brendan Seale, Sustainability Leader, IKEA Canada
  • Ian Ferguson, Vice President, Chantler Packaging Inc.
  • Jake Westerhof, Vice President Corporate Strategy, Canada Fibers/Urban Resource Group
  • Chris Lindberg, Director of CEIL, The Natural Step Canada