"We care so much about printed paper and packaging, when you are done with it, we want it back!"

Albino Metauro

Executive Vice President, Cascades Recovery Inc.

Albino is a participant of the Ontario Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab. He is the Executive VP of Cascades’ recovery division and one of the co-founding partners that started the company 38 years ago. He has a long history in secondary material recovery having started from collecting old corrugated containers out of trash bins behind stores and manufacturing facilities. Over the years working with his partner and team, they have built a national collection and post collection infrastructure serving the IC&I sectors as well as the municipal sectors.With over 1,100 employees and 21 facilities, they recover and market over 1.35 million tonnes of market ready materials. His relationship with Cascades came to be in 1995 and since then has allowed their division to grow, and more importantly come to appreciate the value in the circularity of materials. Cascades is well known for their consumption of secondary paper fibre and making value added products. With this knowledge and DNA, Albino has a good understanding of EPR and what it means to the recovery supply chain and to the producers.


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