Peter Hargreave

President of Policy Integrity Inc.

Peter Hargreave, the President of Policy Integrity Inc., has over 14 years of experience in providing strategic advice in the development, implementation and oversight of public policy. Over his professional career, he has developed a strong network of relationships with regulators, public and private organizations, and other key stakeholders involved in environmental issues across Canada, the United States and abroad.

Before establishing Policy Integrity Inc. in 2017, Peter spent six years with the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) as the Director of Policy and Strategy where he helped lead the sector in developing policy around a more circular economy and helped respond to issues varying from transportation and taxation to climate change and environmental standards. He helped develop major reports including ReThink Waste (2013), ReThink Waste 2015, and ReThink Organic Waste (2015) and more specific policy papers on extended producer responsibility, disposal bans and disposal levies.


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