"Applying our different skills and talents as a TEAM to create a sustainable model."

Tony Moucachen

President, Merlin Plastics

Tony Moucachen is a participant of the Ontario Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab. Tony is one of the founders and President of Merlin Plastics. He considers himself as an environmentalist and is passionate about recycling. He feels that he has been blessed to have a career that is consistent with his personal environmental values. For the past 25 years, Merlin Plastics has planned, developed, and refined the re-processing of PE, PP and PET starting in British Columbia in a 2000 square foot warehouse, and have now grown to over one million square feet of plant operations with sister plants located in Alberta, California and Oregon. Tony is a current Director of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and has also served as a Director for many years with the Association of Plastics Recyclers. Merlin Plastics received the 2001 Outstanding Contribution to Recycling award by the Recycling Council of Alberta. In 2005, the Recycling Council of BC gave Merlin Plastics an award “in recognition of ongoing commitment to the ideals of responsible environmental stewardship in the province of British Columbia.” Since 2013 Merlin is one of the founding members of ‘Green by Nature’.


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