Oct 5, 2016 / by Chris Lindberg / In PPP Rapid Lab

Welcome to the Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab!


Today, The Natural Step and the Circular Economy Innovation Lab (CEIL) marked an exciting milestone: the launch of the Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab. Over the next three months twenty-five leaders and innovators from across Ontario will join together to create a shared vision for the future of paper and packaging materials in an economy without waste, a circular economy.

The circular economy is an approach to maximize value and eliminate waste by improving (and in some cases transforming) how goods and services are designed, manufactured and used. It touches on everything from material selection to business strategy to the configuration of regulatory frameworks, incentives and markets.

Just think about all of the paper and packaging materials you touch every day: from magazines to juice boxes, plastic bags, take out food containers and glass jars. Some of these materials get recycled, but far too many of them are ending up in our landfills and wild spaces. This is problematic on many levels: it’s damaging to the environment but it’s also a waste of finite, valuable materials.

The CEIL Rapid Lab is tackling this issue head on by bringing together leading businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations to develop innovative solutions to eliminate waste, create jobs and protect our environment.

Please join me in welcoming our Rapid Lab participants and thanking them for taking on this challenge. You can keep up to date on the Rapid Lab’s work by following us on Twitter @CircularEconLab and subscribing to our newsletter.

CEIL’s Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab participants are:

  • Albino Metauro, Executive Vice President, Cascades Recovery Inc.
  • Angela Dennis, Director, Technical Packaging & Environmental Officer, Nestle Canada Inc.
  • Arlene White, Senior Business Development Manager, WP Warehousing Inc.
  • Frank Mazzone, Vice President of Global Sales, Know Charge Inc.
  • Brendan Seale, Sustainability Leader, IKEA Canada
  • Brian Zeiler-Kligman, Vice President, Sustainability, Canada’s National Brewers
  • Catherine McVitty, Manager, Sustainable Living, Unilever Canada
  • Charlotte Ueta, Project Lead Waste Management Planning, Solid Waste Management Services, City of Toronto
  • Das Soligo, Manager of Solid Waste Services, County of Wellington
  • Erwin Pascual, Manager, Waste Planning, Region of Peel
  • Francis Veilleux, President, Bluewater Recycling Association
  • Frank Coschi, Senior Engineer, Resource Recovery Policy Branch, MOECC
  • Ian Ferguson, Vice President, Chantler Packaging Inc.
  • Isabelle Faucher, Managing Director, Carton Council of Canada
  • Izzie Abrams, Vice President Government & External Affairs, Progressive Waste Solutions
  • Jake Westerhof, Vice President Corporate Strategy, Canada Fibers/Urban Resource Group
  • Jean-Claude LeBlanc, Environmental Sustainability, Celestica
  • Jim Nordmeyer, VP, Global Sustainability, Owens Illinois Inc
  • John Baldry, Manager Processing Operations, Solid Waste Management Services, City of Toronto
  • Nate Van Beilen, Candidate, Masters of Science in Sustainability Management, University of Toronto
  • Norman Lee, Director, Waste Management, Region of Peel
  • Oksana Lapierre, Senior Packaging Optimization Consultant, Canadian Tire
  • Paulina Leung, VP, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Emterra Group
  • Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability, Packaging Consortium (PAC)
  • Tony Moucachen, President, Merlin Plastics
author_chris_lindberg The article ‘Welcome to the Printed Paper and Packaging Rapid Lab’ was written by Chris Lindberg, Director, the Ontario Circular Economy Innovation Lab.