Why a Circular Economy?

Imagine a world without waste: a circular economy

  • A regenerative economy that thrives within nature’s limits
  • Circular products and materials designed for multiple lives and repeated profitable cycles of reuse, repair and recycling.
  • Efficient production and consumption powered by closed-loop manufacturing, renewable resources and low-carbon energy.

This world is not only possible. It’s inevitable, and it represents the economic opportunity of the century.

recognizes collaborative approaches are needed to accelerate this transition

New processes & technologies

New products & services

New systems, partnerships & value chains

We are asking

How can we work together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Canada?

We require a diversity of perspectives and contributions to generate breakthrough results:

  • New programs, projects or initiatives
  • New standards or certifications
  • New networks or partnerships
  • New insights, stories or case studies
  • New public policies or processes, or
  • Game-changing new business models, products or services